Who We Are

The Economy Volunteer Fire Department is a volunteer organization, comprised of men and women from the borough, which provides immediate assistance to the community and surrounding communities when called for assistance. Our members selflessly volunteer their time and skills in order to assist the residents and visitors of Economy Borough with Fire, Rescue, Medical and any other emergencies that may occur. They also put in hours upon hours of training, fundraising, and equipment maintenance in order to keep the organization in top shape and ready at any time. As one might personally know, the timing of an emergency is never a good time, however our department will respond to our community's emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Ted Brickner  |  Chief

Tim Vignere  |  Assistant Chief

Chris Jackson  |  Fire Captain

Robert Sivewright  |  President

Jeff Ruckert |  Vice-President

Anthony Blum  | Secretary

Travis Cavanaugh  | Treasurer

OUR Board of Directors

Ryan Pearce  |  Chairman

Matt Books  |  Secretary

John "Jake" Thomas

Michael Cavanaugh

David Lewandowski

Chris Davids